The Humming Blade

a grand fantasy adventure...

This book was written for me. That sounds cynical, but it's true; I wrote the book that the 12-year-old living in my heart wanted to read. I grew up loving The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, and Redwall. I loved the deeply mysterious nature of those worlds and the bright, vivid characters that inhabited them. I loved the vastness of those worlds, and the sense that despite the conflict or the story happening in the foreground, the background was far larger than I could ever know.

So I made one of those worlds for myself, and for anyone else who loves a good adventure.

Wyatt Arden thinks he leads a pretty normal life. He lives on a boring, everyday farm outside of a sleepy little town called Ven, doing boring chores for his mom when he's not in school. He yearns for a chance to enlist in the Imperial Army and bring some excitement to his life, but he's sure that will never happen. Wyatt soon learns that it only takes one strange dream for everything normal about his life to change. In that dream, he envisions a beautiful, powerful sword, a blade linked to deep magic and even deeper mysteries. The dream precedes an unexpected series of events that lead Wyatt into a harrowing, life-altering struggle for the lives of his friends, his family, and the world as he knows it. Wyatt must face vicious killers, dark schemers, and beings of such great power that their existence was erased from history. His only weapon? The Humming Blade.

I've got strong opinions about basically everything political, but I'm especially feisty about Net Neutrality. If you're a South Dakota resident and you have not yet moored your boat in the What's Up Dock (ha ha ha), find out what's up with this article.

I'm a millennial. I feel like my generation gets a bad rap from, well, baby boomers mostly, but Gen X too. Being successful and independent already means that I defy the stereotype, but I also own a credit card and like new things, too.

I live in a place that hasn't always been the most socially aware location on the planet. Though we've had our missteps recently, we've had our share of victories too. Those victories go beyond political lines and into simple changes that make life better for all of us.

A blacksmith working for the king, is tasked to with changing the course of history of his world.

I love tabletop games. They’ve given me friends, a career, and a lifetime of experiences.