There once was a lost and confused 19-year-old English major. He wasn't happy with the prospect of a lifetime of college debt, so he made a (potentially very foolish) choice to leave college and do this life thing his own way, thankyouverymuch. It was in those foolish moments that a dream was born, and that dream became The Humming Blade.

The road thus far has been nothing short of interesting. Since that fateful day, I've worked as a restaurant manager, a bill collector, a salesman, a 911 operator, a technical support representative, and finally, a writer, all before even hitting thirty. I’ve written engaging sales proposals for enterprise software prospects, blog posts designed to inspire the average educator, and even reviews of the most exciting titles available in the tabletop gaming world.

I don't really believe in the whole "starving artist" schtick. Overworked and tired artist, maybe. Stressed and anxious artist, sure. But who can write when they're hungry?

A longtime RPG nerd and fantasy lover, it was only natural for me to finally do the dang thing and write a novel of my own. The Humming Blade was the product of a successful Kickstarter and many, many coffee-fueled days of hard work and determination. It was a "bucket list" goal, but also the first step toward something greater; a career built on telling great stories.

Aside from writing, I'm a big fan of other storytelling mediums like movies and video games. I adore my Nintendo Switch. I'm also a huge tabletop RPG fan and have played just about every rule system under the sun (even Dark Sun!). Soccer is my new obsession, and you’ll often find me in a bar or a stadium on gameday swinging a scarf like a madman. And if you ever need to know some obscure fact about a Japanese pro-wrestler, I'm your gaijin.