There once was a lost and confused 19-year-old English major. He wasn't happy with the prospect of a lifetime of college debt, so he made a (potentially very foolish) choice to leave college and do this life thing his own way, thankyouverymuch. It was in those foolish moments that a dream was born, and that dream became The Humming Blade.

The road thus far has been nothing short of interesting. Since that fateful day, I've worked as a restaurant manager, a bill collector, a salesman, a 911 operator, a technical support representative, and finally, a writer, all before even hitting thirty. I don't really believe in the whole "starving artist" schtick. Overworked and tired artist, maybe. Stressed and anxious artist, sure. But who can write when they're hungry?

A longtime RPG nerd and fantasy lover, it was only natural for me to finally do the dang thing and write a novel of my own. The Humming Blade was the product of a successful Kickstarter and many, many coffee-fueled days of hard work and determination. It was a "bucket list" goal, but also the first step toward something greater; a career of telling stories instead of actually having a real job. Because real jobs are lame.

Aside from writing, I'm a big fan of other storytelling mediums like movies and video games. I adore my Nintendo Switch. I'm also a huge tabletop RPG fan and have played just about every rule system under the sun (even Dark Sun!). Soccer is my new obsession, and you’ll often find me in a bar or a stadium on gameday swinging a scarf like a madman. If you ever need to know some obscure fact about a Japanese pro-wrestler, I'm your gaijin.