Dang, it's been a minute

Hey all!

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been writing and writing and writing, but that’s not very exciting unless I have something to show for it, is it?


That’s right, I’ve been writing as a contributor on Twin Cities Geek, a Minneapolis-based magazine that covers all manner of fandom in the area. I’ve also joined the board of Minneapolis United Soccer for the City, because I believe pretty strongly that it’s about time I gave some of my time back to the world instead of spending all of it on video games and words.

But, I’m still writing. I’m actually nearing the completion of my next story, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and is coming along very well. The first draft will require a fair amount of revision, but I don’t expect it to be a very arduous process.

So what happens after?

Well, honestly, I’d really like to be traditionally published. I tried it once and it didn’t work out that well for me, but I feel pretty good about my chances with this story. Famous last words, I suppose, but I really do have a good feeling about it. It’s an urban fantasy set in Seattle, starring a fun cast of characters investigating some kidnappings in the area. I’m not going to say much more about it right now.

And yes. The Humming Blade has a sequel, and I’ve actually written a lot of it. It’s on the backburner right now while I continue to chase publication, but fear not: it will be finished soon.

Until then, don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of The Humming Blade, and support your local soccer team!

What am I writing right now?

It's been a bit quiet on the author front lately. So what am I up to?

Credit: giphy

Credit: giphy

So yeah. Basically that. My office even looks like a dank cave filled with bizarre contraptions and a bust of... Paracelsus? Shakespeare? I dunno who that is.

I'm actually working on two projects. Many people ask me about the sequel to the Humming Blade, and it really is cooking. I can promise you that for every part of THB that was familiar, the follow-up will be infinitely less so; it's a heavier, darker tale, which is actually a bit of a challenge, all things considered. But a lot happened in the first part of the story, most of which was bad. Bad things have ramifications. So I guess, if I were to give it a working title, it'd be just that: Ramifications.

I'm working on another story. It's a different story, but one that I've been wanting to tell for a long time. It's also a lot harder to tell than The Humming Blade was. I think it's harder for me because it's so different, narratively-speaking, than what I've written in the past. But that's good, because it's pushing me to be a better writer, and that alone is incredibly valuable to me.

Credit: giphy

Credit: giphy

I like things that are familiar. But I also like to use that to my advantage, which is why The Humming Blade (spoilers, kind of?) ends the way it does: uncertainly. I'd say that this side-project of mine, which is still tentatively titled In the Grasp of His Mechanical Hand, is an entire book around that idea: uncertainty. Mystery. A world of truth buried deep beneath layer after layer of something else, something that could perhaps pass for truth, but ultimately rings hollow.

Wow, that was deep. Whatever. Point is, I'm still alive, you can expect more books from me, probably until I die, and depending on how famous I get, maybe even after that. So have no fear: the next book is on its way.

New look, new style, new book?

Hey look, a new website!


So yeah. I've been quiet for awhile. Sorry about that. I have a good reason though, I promise: I'm getting married! In like... four days. So that's stressful, but it's also really awesome. But what have I been up to besides that?

Well, as you can see, we've got a new website. We've been down this road before, but I really felt like I needed to nail the style in a longer-term sort of manner. So I bit the bullet and bout the Squarespace account, which I believe will serve me very well going forward.

And don't worry. Despite the fact that I can't seem to write a regular blog to save my life, I CAN regularly write to save my life. And your life. I'm like a wordy super hero. Anyway, I've got about 50,000 words written for both the sequel to The Humming Blade, which has no title yet, and another work that I'm currently referring to as In the Grasp of His Mechanical Hand (or in my brain, MH for short).

I know people are eagerly awaiting the follow-up to The Humming Blade, but to be honest with you, it's on hold for right now. It's not that I can't write it or that I'm struggling; actually, it's been the easiest write of my life thus far. In truth, I just really, really wanted to write MH, and with as much as I have going on, writing two novels at once wasn't really an option. So my creative juices are all flowing into MH right now, but I promise you that I will have Wyatt's story written before too long.

So that means nobody can hurt me for leaving them with that cliffhanger. Right? Write. HAH

In other news, I sponsored the Sioux Empire Film Festival! I did it for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I'm a whore for a good promotion, and my name gets to be all over the thing. But it's also a really cool, local thing that encourages the arts, and as one of the arts, I am contractually obligated to support it. Plus, I love movies. So, if that's your kind of thing (or if you're just open to things that maybe aren't your kind of thing but might be fun anyway) please check the festival out. I think my name is even on the t-shirt.

I'll be returning to a more-frequent posting pattern soon. I'd like to think that I mean it this time. If I don't do it, you can kick me.